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Dear Ninja and Trouble,
Today is our 12th anniversary. I didn’t manage to take a day off at work, so I had to call in sick (oops). But man, was it worth it!!! :) We’ve been through so much, but feel as much in love as when we first met, so here’s a special picture we took this afternoon to celebrate our love.
.her. xx

Twelve years is a very long time, and you both look so young still. Congratulations on your successful relationship, I’m sure a lot of us could learn a thing or two from both of you. I hope you two had an incredible day that you’ll remember until you top it next year on your anniversary. On top of the longevity of your companionship you also need to be complimented on this beautiful photo, it fits in perfectly today and you two look perfect together. Your story reminded me of a song I adore from my favourite singer songwriter, and I hope you enjoy it. 

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Traveling in GhanaOn a train from Takoradi to Kumasi

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Streep and Hoffman on the set of Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)

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Puppy’s First Hike

I climbed this rock
This my rock

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